Less Bucks More Fizz

Michael Spooner, ‘A Lion Attacking a Horse, after George Stubbs (Less Bucks, More Fizz)’, in Peter Corrigan: cities of hope, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, 12 April – 8 June 2013.

The exhibition ‘Peter Corrigan: cities of hope’ at RMIT Gallery honoured the work of the internationally renowoned Melbourne architecture pracrtice of Edmond & Corrigan; Corrigan’s set and costume design for theatre; his personal library and art collection and objects from his office. ‘A Lion attacking a Horse’ was one of 22 invited responses to the presence of Peter Corrigan in the discourse of melbourne architecture.

“The white Horse frightened at the Lion [by George Stubbs] was painted from one of the Kings Horses in the mews which Mr Payne the architect procured for him. the expression of Terror was produced repeatedly from time to time by pushing a brush upon the ground towards him.”   Ozias Humphry, Memoir of George Stubbs, 1797

Michael Spooner, A Clinic for the Exhausted' Architecture Austra

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