Oliver Alessandrini

A New Western Australian Parliament

RMIT University Master of Architecture Graduate Project 2016

Supervisor: Michael Spooner

Western Australia is a state within the Commonwealth that has traditionally struggled with its identity, both architecturally and culturally. If one was to ask a Victorian, New-South-Welshman, or Queenslander what they felt of their state’s identity a firm response would usually be expected, and in the case of architecture would usually centre around vernacular (in the case of Queensland), picturesque (in the case of NSW), or ideas (in the case of Victoria). Western Australia has no such clarity in its architectural identity, a clarity which I would argue is crucial for the development of architecture and cultural growth of its society. As such, I have proposed a new parliament for the state which is to serve as catalyst for Western Australian’s sense of civic identity, one which draws on its proud history of secessionism, it’s willingness to spend big, and it’s nature as a state of infinite horizon. The traditional, restrictive architectural culture Western Australia has attached itself to must be changed, but not forgotten. The past has forged the present, and is in fact the reason for such a proposal as this, but the state must move bravely forward. This new parliament is the state’s event horizon.

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