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Dr Michael Spooner is a Melbourne based designer, writer, curator and teacher within the discipline of  architecture. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture (1st hons) and PhD (by project) from RMIT University where he is a lecturer in the School of Architecture & Urban Design.

Michael has 15 years experience in architectural education. He is the coordinator of first year architecture design and communication, supervises Bachelor of Architectural Design and Master of Architecture design studios, graduate thesis projects and PhD candidates.

His research is focused through the implementation of innovative pedagogical models that confront design problems through speculative architectural propositions. Emphasis is given to the exploration of ficto-critical methodologies that advance alternative architectural histories.

Published work includes the book A Clinic for the Exhausted: In Search of an Antipodean Vitality, essay 46 Little Latrobe Street: the office of Edmond and Corrigan, and project Frederick Romberg (1913-1992): an architectural survey.


INSTAGRAM: @thexhausted

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