RMIT  Architecture & Urban Design

Bachelor of Architectural Design, Design Studio Semester 1, 2019

Supervisor: Dr Michael Spooner

Students: Oscar Casper, Laura Zammit, Isabella Konig, Jane Weisi Li, Harrison Smart, Megan Voo, Elizabeth Battiston, Jessica Kease, Audrey Avianto, Stan Tianruo Li, Patrick Byrne, Charlotte Nheu, Akshaya Parameswaran.

           LZ…there was a crisis, and this is the aftermath.



A room for the viewing of the painting ‘The Madonna with the Elongated Legs’ after Parmigianino

An oculus to view a raft that houses the left or the right leg from ‘The Madonna with the Elongated Legs’

A building container for the office of Edmond & Corrigan

A carpark for 100 cars

A swimming pool


Revise my ballot presentation.  16 studios, all proclaiming to be Babylon, were presented in a forum at 46 Little La Trobe Street, alongside a new project.



An exhibition of student work completed during ‘Babylon’ in 46 Little La Trobe Street, the office formerly occupied by Edmond and Corrigan Architects.



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