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RMIT Bachelor of Architectural Design, Design Studio Semester 1, 2019

Supervisor: Dr Michael Spooner


Oscar Casper, Laura Zammit, Isabella Konig, Jane Weisi Li, Harrison Smart, Megan Voo, Elizabeth Battiston, Jessica Kease, Audrey Avianto, Stan Tianruo Li, Patrick Byrne, Charlotte Nheu, Akshaya Parameswaran.

           LZ…there was a crisis, and this is the aftermath.


A room for the viewing of the painting ‘The Madonna with the Elongated Legs’ after Parmigianino

An oculus to view a raft that houses the left or the right leg from ‘The Madonna with the Elongated Legs’

A building container for the office of Edmond & Corrigan

A carpark for 100 cars

A swimming pool 


Revise my ballot presentation.  16 studios, all proclaiming to be Babylon, were presented in a forum at 46 Little La Trobe Street, alongside a new project.


Stan Tianruo Li “The M House”

Patrick Byrne ” Pool Hostel”

Isabella Konig ” The Six Chapels of Babylon”

Harrison Smart “Carpark”

Audrey Avianto “Thoughts on Labour”

Elizabeth Battiston “The Gangrene Club”

Oscar Casper “A hotel for my mother: an unfinished project”


An exhibition of student work completed during ‘Babylon’ in 46 Little La Trobe Street, the office formerly occupied by Edmond and Corrigan Architects.

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