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46 Little Latrobe Street: the office of Edmond and Corrigan

RMIT Design Archive Journal, Vol,. 10 No. 1, 2020 brings together diverse essays on Melbourne post-war and more recent architecture, and architectural education. It is bookended by first-person narratives that in contrasting ways reflect on architectural education at RMIT over a 35-year period. Edited by Harriet Edquist, AM, Professor of Architecture, RMIT University, with contributions from Roger Benjamin (University of Sydney) on Alex Jelinek’s studio for Lina Bryans; Peter Downton (RMIT University) on the 1985 RMIT Bachelor of Architecture program; Harriet Edquist on Frederick Romberg’s work for the Lutheran Church of Australia; Stuart King (The University of Melbourne) on Geoffrey Woodfall’s Woolnorth Homestead, and Michael Spooner on 46 Little LaTrobe Street: the office of Edmond & Corrigan.


Framed view into the library of 46 Little Latrobe Street with found artefacts, monographs and photos of the original occupation. Image by Michael Spooner & Jack Murray, 2019.


The models on the table were developed with reference to accounts of the founding of Melbourne and the original landscapes inhabited by the Kulin Nation by Richard Broome, Gary Presland and James Boyce, lithographs by De Grunchy & Leigh and Cooke & Calvert, historical photographs by Charles Nettleton, Airspy, Commercial Photographic Co., Thomas Mahood and Graeme Butler, plans by the MMBW and Mahlsted’s Insurance Plans, and online sources including Google Earth and the City of Melbourne Development Activity Model. Image by Michael Spooner & William Bennie, 2019.


Development of 46 Little Latrobe Street including early design proposals alongside influential buildings from the canon of architecture. Image by Michael Spooner & William Bennie, 2019.


Speculative alterations and additions to 46 Little Latrobe Street proposed by students in RMIT Architecture design studios led by the author. Includes work by Suan Fang Yie Lee, Jacqueline Hays, Stan Tianruo Li, Lewis Smith, Mietta Mullaly, Riley Pelham-Thorman, Brooke Barker, Isabella Konig, David Veidt, Wenzhao Zhong, Jess Kease and Audrey Avianto. Image by Michael Spooner & Jack Murray, 2019.



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